Why are there problems with electricity in city hospitals

It is served only 1 hour per day. Only according to the energy supply line of cell No. 3 is the Central City Hospital receives electricity – 22 hours, and the water intake, which provides the city with water – 3 hours a day. From here appeared in the apartments of high -rise houses of the bourgeois. Pipes of water supply and sewage began to freeze in the basements, the valves burst.

The measures taken to eliminate accidents by the Directorate of Vodokanal and Heat -heat were insufficient. Since there was not enough electricity.

With the establishment of plus temperature in the city, subbotniks, Sundays and Khashars with the participation of the population are organized. Cleaning in the yards of multi -storey residential buildings. The city is put in order. The elimination of accidents in the water supply and sewage system is ongoing. (And there were a lot of them.) The city is preparing for the spring.

In order to prepare for spring, the greenhouses began to work flowers.

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We intend to plant flowers on alleys and squares on the first spring days, where preparatory work is underway. Prepared seedlings of decorative trees.

Construction in the city is carried out in agreement of the construction and architecture agency under the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan. As for the fact that rich people are building objects, they will really be built by wealthy organizations and entrepreneurs.

Dear edition! Local executive body of state power g. Wahdat will take all measures to arrange and restore order in the city with the participation of the entire population.

The solution of issues of social education will be held with the participation of residents of every Mahalally, house, courtyard and settlement. All measures will be taken to the rapid implementation of all decisions adopted by the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan.